Mowing is an important part of lawn care. Over the years we have found that unfortunately, many customers have had their lawns damaged by companies who are supposed to be providing professional lawn services. These companies are not real professionals and are not truly knowledgeable in their field. As a result, they frequently make mistakes that are detrimental to the lawns they are paid to service. Some of the most common mistakes are mowing the grass too short, mowing with dull blades, transferring weeds and diseases from one lawn to another, or operating heavy mowers carelessly, causing damage to the turf or other property.

At PLC Services, we have strict standards of quality that all of our employees have been trained to uphold. We encourage our employees to take pride in their work and we reward their positive reviews from customers. You can also be assured that a qualified, experienced crew leader will be overseeing every service provided by our company. Customer service has always been, and always will be, our number one priority. 

We have only high-quality machines and have all the necessary equipment to handle any size mowing job. We have everything from 21" push mowers to 6' zero turns, batwings and bush hogs. So whether you have a small villa or a large farm, PLC Services can provide the service you are looking for. 

Mowing is included in our regular lawn service, but if you just need mowing, we can accommodate you as well. Whether you need lawn mowing, field/pasture mowing, or need help mowing difficult areas, let our experience and expertise go to work for you!