Sod Installation

New sod can add beauty and functionality to your property. Whether you need areas of your lawn repaired, replaced or need an entire new lawn installed, PLC Services can help. We can seed or sod any type of turf found in central Florida. The process is simple; first we get the exact measurements of the area where the new turf is needed. Next we give you a quote for the total cost of the job and if accepted we order the sod and schedule the install. 

There is definitely a right way and a wrong way to install new sod, but you can be sure with PLC Services the proper procedure will be followed. The first necessary step in the process is to find and flag all sprinkler heads in the area. We would also want to test the irrigation to make sure the new sod will get adequate coverage. We then remove any existing turf in the area and cultivate the soil. The next step is to lay out the new sod, making sure that all seems are staggered and tight. Finally, we tamp down the new sod and give it a good initial watering. This also gives us the opportunity to make sure none of the irrigation was damaged during the installation process. If you have any other questions about sod installation or are interested in a free quote; please feel free to contact us by phone or click on the link below.


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